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when I find myself in times of trouble, the twelfth doctor comes to me, speaking words of wisdom


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Am I the only one that Danny Pink reminds of Lee from Telltale’s The Walking Dead?

They even look a little similiar.

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30 Days Challenge: Day 6 (favorite animal)

" No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before. And if you leave… I remember things better with you." Dory (Finding Nemo)

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requested by cuddyhouse

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I need more fic about Clint twirling arrows through his fingers when he ‘s bored

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An infographic by:  celestetsukino

Please click for larger version!

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kitten meeting the sun for the first time

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i don’t read “uwu” as a smiley face in my head i read it as “ooo woo”

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#molly hooper is the best companion #she wouldn’t even run off

"Molly, why are you still here?"

"You… you told me not to wander off."

"Oh. Well. That’s strange. I mean, usually I tell them not to wander off, but they never actually listen. Are you sure you’re human?”

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Hannibal + Scenery

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